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Solutions for the consumer products industry

The market in which manufacturers operate consumer products has never been more complex, and relationships with customers, consumers and retailers have never been more demanding.

To succeed in this market, consumer product companies need to unlock the unrealized value to drive innovation across the enterprise.

In response to market demands, companies in consumer products will work in:

  • Analyze new data sources to develop better ideas about demand, behavior and new ideas for products and services.
  • Accelerating time to market and revenue growth through optimizing the process of new product development and integration and collaboration with business partners.
  • Create brands keeping with different lifestyles, revitalize product lines and reduce the costs of the supply chain.
  • Innovating in the sales and marketing strategies.
  • Improve product strengths and gain status as a preferred provider by offering value added services, eg product innovation, marketing and promotion and consumer insights.
  • Developing innovative strategies of co-marketing.
  • Building organizational competencies needed to transform the management of clients.
  • Lead to dramatic improvements in performance through the design and adjustment of network supply chain to deliver innovative and highly responsive to high efficiency vs premium brands for mass products.
  • Improving transparency of data and availability in real time to facilitate the supply and demand-driven inventory management.
  • Reorganize the flexibility and profitability, aligning them with new capabilities. Reduce IT costs and accelerate development and deployment.
  • Going beyond cost reduction to become simple and fast.

    Software applications and IT services standardize, integrate and optimize business processes of companies in this industry.

The priority: security, ERP, CRM, BI, content / document management and enterprise performance management, to improve information flow, processes and reduce IT costs.

To succeed in this difficult environment, consumer products companies are focusing on their business units that create true differentiation and value to the company. Looking also drive innovation by improving market intelligence, better known to the consumer, by creating more relevant products, better service to retailers and demand-driven operations and designed for specific purposes.

IT opportunities will arise in innovation (particularly development of new products and analysis of consumer / product), customer management, supply chain driven by the consumer (including ERP applications are integrated with other major), data management (data synchronization, BI / DW, enterprise performance management) and industry specific applications for regulatory compliance, logistics and quality management.


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