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Customers send, determine what they want, have more information, their bargaining power increases. Competition has become intense rivals introduce new products at high speed and heavy fighting obenter customers by other companies at all costs. Moreover, the pace of change is increasing, resulting in a shorter lifecycle of products. The market imposes a selection of products that are disappearing are obsolete.

The BPR ("Business Process Reengenieering "), as one of the new management tools to be understood as a reaction to changing business realities. Aims to provide solutions to combat: the challenges posed by our customers, the barriers posed by the competition and especially the risks associated with the fleeting and profound change of business.

To arrive at a valid definition of Process Reengineering should start from an earlier situation in which we have a question: "If we were to re-create the company from scratch, taking into account what we already know and the available technology, how is my new company. " Although there is general agreement that the BPR will necessarily involve a radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in management.

In Siscon we have the personnel to successfully perform the definition, mapping and business process reengineering.


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